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Women’s Wellness Camp was organized by the Sabha in association with Obg. Dept. of Sri Ramachandra Medical College and Hospital on 16th & 17th July 2016. Totally 54 women were screened during this Camp. The team from Sri Ramachandra Medical College was headed by Prof. Usha Vishwanath, M.D. D.G.O.

First day the following tests were done:
Height/Weight, CBC, Blood Pressure, Fasting Sugar, Blood+Urea+Creatinine, Lipid Profile, ECG, Ultra Sound Scan of the abdomen, Thyroid function, PAP smear, Bone density, Postprandial sugar test.

The following day the women were examined with the results. The women were also examined for thyroid disease. Prof. Kamakshi Shanbhogue and Dr. Dinesh Nayak, Neurologists, examined for neurological complaints in these patients. The Nutritional Specialists interacted with the beneficiaries regarding Nutritional requirements and the supplements. The patients were given relevant medicines for two weeks.

On both days break-fast and lunch were provided for all the beneficiaries and volunteers. To keep in the secrecy, the CCTV Cameras were disabled during those days and only lady volunteers were around the examining centre in the Sabha premises.

All the Doctors and participants were honoured by the Sabha and Dr. H.R. Shanbhogue proposed them vote of thanks and then programme was concluded.


The third review Cardiac Camp along with Diabetic review, was conducted for theunderprivileged section of our community, on 12th & 13th of March 2016 at the Sabha premises.This was the review of the beneficiaries who had attended the earlier camp in the month of March 2015. Totally 115 persons attended the camp and were screened. The Cardiology department of Sri Ramachandra Hospitals, Porur, headed by Prof. J.S.N. Moorthy, along with other colleagues conducted the Camp. On 12th (the first day) the registration of all the beneficiaries was done. Height/weight and BP were recorded. The following investigations were done on empty stomach: CBC ( Complete Blood count), Blood Sugar fasting, Blood urea/ Serum Creatinine (kidney function test) Lipid profile.


Then all of them were provided with breakfast (The menu was recommended by the nutritional experts). Two hours following the breakfast blood was taken again for estimation of blood sugar. ECG, Ultrasound scan of the abdomen and Echo were also performed. On the following day, i.e., on the 13th of March all the people were examined with the results by specialist doctors and advised suitable treatment.

They were given medicines free of cost for two weeks and B-complex was supplied for one month. Diabetologists from Sri Ramachandra Medical also examined the patients. Dr Dinesh Nayak, Neurologist (a member of our Sabha) examined patients with neurological ailments and advised suitable treatment for them. Skin specialists and ENT surgeon from SRMC also attended the patients who required treatment. Nutritional specialists talked to the patients on an individual basis and advised diet.

On both the days all the patients, medical staff and volunteers were provided with breakfast, lunch and light snacks. President of the Sabha, Mr. A. Arjuna Pai honoured the medical staff, technicians and other paramedical staff. Programme concluded with a vote of thanks by Vice-President Dr. H.R. Shanbhogue.

Cardiac Screening Camp on 09.03.2014

The Cardiac screening camp was conducted in association with Sri Ramachandra University Hospital at the Sabha premises on 9th of March 2014. The medical team was headed by Prof. J.S.N. Moorthy, Senior Cardiologist of the hospital currently the Vice-Chancellor of the Ramachandra University. He was accompanied by three other cardiologists and the professional assistants from the lab services and also the personnel from the pharmacy and the executives from the guest relations desk.

The camp started at 7.00 a.m. in the morning. Initially registration of the beneficiaries was done who are all from the BPL members of the Samaj. Totally, 96 members were registered for the screening.

Initially, height, weight and blood pressure were recorded to all the beneficiaries who attended the cardiac screening camp.

The following investigation were planned and done for all of them.

  • The CBC (Complete Blood Count)
  • Blood Sugar – fasting
  • Blood Sugar – post prandial
  • Blood Urea
  • Serum – Creatinine
  • Lipid - Profile
  • ECG
  • Echo
  • Ultra Sound examination of the abdomen
All the beneficiaries were examined subsequently and were prescribed medicines which were dispersed by the pharmacy in the Sabha premises.

There was a session in the evening at 4.00 p.m. where Prof. Muralidharan, Prof. of Cardiology, Sri Ramachandra University interacted with the members of the Sabha and answered all their questions regarding heart complaints and blood pressure. The staff from the nutrition and psychology departments also interacted with the members. It was a very educative session for all the members. Subsequently, the President of the Sabha Mr. A. Arjuna Pai honoured the medical faculty. Others were honoured by the volunteers of the Mahila Vibhag.

The days proceedings ended with the vote of thanks proposed by the treasurer of the Sabha Mr. K.P. Lakshamana Rao.

With this registration the beneficiaries will automatically become the patients of Sri Ramachandra hospital and avail all the facilities which other patients get in that hospital.

All the beneficiaries, volunteers were provided with the breakfast, sumptuous Lunch and high Tea. With the grace of God and Ashirwad of the Mathadhipathis, the programme was well received and we hope to continue the same screening camp in the years to come.

Appreciation for the camp

Appreciating the Sabha for conducting the camp, Mr. K. Raman Prabhu of Saligramam, Chennai, a beneficiary, wrote:

“The medical camp you organized for the benefit of the economically weaker section of our community members helped us in our old age to diagnose diseases and get necessary treatment. This Medical Camp was a great help for members like me.
Conducting various clinical tests, handing out reports and following it up with doctors’ consultation - all in a single day for the convenience of members - is highly appreciable. We also thank you for the free medicines given. I pray to God that the selfless services you are rendering to the economically weaker section of our community may continue forever and I thank you very much.”

Durgesh S. Manikere, Virugambakkam, Chennai, a beneficiary, wrote:

“The Sabha has been doing noble work for the welfare of our community. Health care camp like this is very important these days, as medical expenses have gone up and are beyond the reach of many middle class and below middle class people. So the Sabha has done great job in this regard.
The excellent arrangement for the Camp, the tireless service of the volunteers and the food served were par excellence.”


Diabetic Screening Camp 2014

A two-day Diabetic Screening Camp for the underprivileged section of our community was conducted by the Sabha in association with Sri Ramachandra University at the Sabha premises on 20th and 21st December 2014.

The registration for the Camp commenced at 6.30 a.m. 55 people registered their names. The following investigations were performed:

  • CBC (Complete Blood count)
  • Blood sugar fasting and
  • Post prandial
  • Blood Urea
  • Serum creatinine
  • Lipid Profile
  • ECG
  • Ultrasound Scan of the abdomen
  • Echo
  • General Dental Check
Faculty from Sri Ramachandra Medical College Hospital and Research Institute conducted Diabetes, ECG and related tests. Faculty from the Sri Ramachandra Dental College and Hospital screened beneficiaries for dental ailments and advised follow up treatment.

On the second day, specialists from the following departments examined the beneficiaries with the results of the investigations performed on the previous day.

  • General medicine/ Diabetology
  • Opthalmology
  • Skin
  • ENT
  • Cardiology
  • Neurology
  • Clinical Nutrition

Dr Kamakshi Shanbhogue and Dr Dinesh Nayak, members of our Sabha, screened the beneficiaries for neurological ailment and advised follow up action.

There was a special counter which showcased healthy food items like vegetables and fruits and nutritional specialists interacted with the beneficiaries on the need for a healthy diet for adequate diabetic control. This exercise was highly appreciated.

The beneficiaries were given anti-diabetic medicines and B complex totally free for a period of one month.

The Sabha honoured all the doctors and technicians who took part in the camp and rendered their services.

The Secretary of the Sabha also honoured Dr Sudha Pai for her services and Dr H.R. Shanbhogue for his key role in organising the camp.

On both days the patients and volunteers were provided with breakfast and lunch.


A review Cardiac Camp was conducted for the members of our community, who belong to the BPL group on 14th and 15th of March 2015 at the Sabha premises. This was the review of the beneficiaries who had attended the Camp in the month of March 2014.

Cardiology Department of SRMC, Porur, headed by Prof. J.S.N. Moorthy along with his associates conducted the Camp.

On the first day, registration of all the beneficiaries was done. Height, weight & Blood Pressure of all of them were recorded.

The following investigations were done on empty stomach:

  • CBC (Complete Blood Count)
  • Fasting Blood Sugar
  • Lipid Profile
  • Blood Urea and Serum Creatinine
  • (Kidney function tests)
Then all of them were provided with breakfast. The menu for the same was based on the recommendation of the nutritional specialist from SRMC. Two hours following breakfast – blood was taken again for estimation of sugar (Post Prandial). During this period the following tests were performed:
  • ECG
  • Ultrasound Scan of the Abdomen
  • Echo

On the following day i.e. 15-03-2015, medical staff, headed by Prof. J.S.N. Moorthy, examined all the patients with the results and advised suitable treatment. Medicines were supplied free of cost to all the patients. B-Complex was provided for full one month to all patients. Two patients were referred to SRMC for further treatment. There was a very lively interaction between the patients and cardiologists at the end of the session which was highly appreciated. On both the days, all the patients, medical staff and volunteers were provided with breakfast, lunch and light snacks.

President of the Sabha, Mr. A. Arjuna Pai, honoured the medical staff, technicians and other paramedical staff. Vice-President Dr H.R. Shanbhogue proposed a vote of thanks and the programme was concluded.


Reputed pediatrician Dr. S.Balasubramanian M.D.,D.C.H, Chief Paediatric Physician, Child’s Trust Hospital, Chennai gave a talk on child care and immunisation. The programme started with an introduction of Dr. Balasubramanian by Dr. H.R .Shanbhogue Vice-President of the Sabha, highlighting his illustrious career, quality research and papers published. Dr. Balasubramanian narrated with visual aid the changing factors effecting child’s health, risk of self medication, signs of danger in children and other contributing factors of il
lness like vitamin D deficiency, and life style diseases like obesity. He explained that only 44% of children between the age 12 and 23 are immunised in India. He stressed that immunisation is one of the most cost-effective and beneficial measures.

The lucid manner in which Dr. Balasubramanian presented the facts was appreciated by one and all. The talk was followed by 45 minutes of interaction by participant-members on various issues of child health care, diet and immunisation. Around 40-members of the Sabha and their family attended the programme. The Sabha President Mr. A. Arjuna Pai honoured the guest with a shawl and a memento. Mrs. Shoba R. Pai, President of Mahila Vibhag, proposed a vote of thanks. The programme was followed by lunch.

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